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First-Tech Solutions provides consulting services in the sales and marketing arena focusing on two key areas:  

The first area is to assist network service providers in selling their services to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Carriers.  

The second area is to increase revenue from IP and WAN products for service providers.

For network service providers who are striving to increase revenue from Tier 1 & 2 carriers, we provide precise knowledge of carriers' organizational structure.  

This understanding of how carrier decisions are made and which departments buy broadband, Metro, IP, WAN, data center, or international services allows First-Tech Solutions to significantly shorten the sales cycle.


In addition, First-Tech Solutions has executive relationships within Tier 1 & 2 carriers and major MSOs.  These well-established contacts were developed over the past 8-10 years and are specific to data products.


The second area First-Tech focuses on is to increase revenue for IP and WAN products for data service providers. We do this by providing solutions for network service providers, integrated communications providers, CLECs, carriers, ISPs, and data center providers.

Solutions for Service Providers selling to Carriers
Solutions for CLECs
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First-Tech Solutions specializes in market studies, reports and analysis of the IP, broadband, MPLS, Ethernet, cloud computing, and VoIP markets, with concentration placed on increasing sales productivity and improving market segmentation. 

Unlike most management consulting firms, First-Tech's principals have hands-on experience.  We have been marketing and sales executives in the data communications services industry for many years. 

We have built sales organizations, developed and launched new data products and opened vertical markets for data services.

Generally, First-Tech clients benefit from our solutions in two broad areas:

1) The ability to leverage current resources by packaging them so the data strategy is easily articulated by its sales force.

2) Experience in target marketing and business development activity, resulting in pre-qualified leads for the sales force.  This approach generates the best prospects for valued-added data services.